重庆彩票网WORKS OFFLINE*. Largest on-call translation dictionary for the English-Spanish pair that works in any application running on your computer and instantly dispels all your linguistic queries by just invoking it with a customizable keyboard shortcut. It includes all our specialized terminology (Legal, ...

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重庆彩票网Time tracking and Invoicing for Mac. Built for freelancers. FEATURES ? Time Tacking Track your time easily using a task based approach. Start and stop the timer from FreelanceStation's main window, the dock icon or the menu bar. Plenty of options! ? Invoicing Invoice your clients without hassle...

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"AppGraphics offers you the possibility to quickly generate graphic resources for your iOS applications with ease. The app allows you to rely on the built-in collection of designs and templates, or you can choose to import custom imagery." - For more products and offers please visit w...

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重庆彩票网Enjoy the pleasure of discovery Moon FM is an easy to use podcast player for podcast lovers,offering a modern,fully featured audio podcast player in a simple ,intuitive interface....

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穿越一個超現實的世界,開始一段神奇的旅程,在那里,自然、時間和空間扭成一團。 神秘的事情發生在一個被毀壞的房間里。房間里的門通向截然不同又異常美麗的世界。 這個讓人上癮的謎題擁有極為豐富的視覺效果,從茂密的叢林到狂風暴雨的海洋,應有盡有。 除此之外,還有11首原創歌曲陪伴著你,包括小提琴、鋼琴、口琴、手風琴等等優雅的樂器。 漢化:GsMike, Catherine Pan...

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Sitemap Plus is designed for web developers, to build a list of pages on their sites, the server status at the time of the crawl and the download time for each page. Sitemap Plus also checks for broken links and missing media files. After a crawl is complete an XML Sitemap can be generated along w...

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重庆彩票网MineX - Classic Minesweeper for Mac OS X, supports retina display, game statistics (3bv, 3bv/s, IOE...), Game Center leaderboards, all mouse click techniques and game replay. Minesweeper is a logic game where mines are hidden in a grid of squares. The object is to open all safe squares in the quick...

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The Exciting Way for Kids to Learn to Type! Kids learn to type on an exciting adventure with Mickey Mouse and Friends, or on Typer Island with Toby and his feathered side-kick Lafitte. Step-by-step lessons, challenges, tests, and games motivate kids to keep typing to uncover clues and reach the Cast...

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重庆彩票网NoSleep is an application that you use to prevent your Mac from going to sleep. To address the negative reviewer comments: 1) The purpose of NoSleep is primarily to keep the Mac awake so you can read the screen while not otherwise actively using the Mac. 2) It is not a menubar app. It is a regul...

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重庆彩票网* Big SALE 50% for a LIMITED TIME. Grab it NOW! * Sometimes you need to create a PDF file from images to send documents pictures, letters or anything else. PDF from Set of Images helps you with this task. It is simple to use and anyone can do it easy, without too much efforts. Features: ? Easy to...

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??? 65% Off - Limited Time Offer ??? Convert Images to JPEG is the perfect app for who wants to convert their pictures easily and quick without to many complex process. Convert Images to JPEG has a easy and simple interfaces o anyone can use it, and convert their pictures format. ?????????????????...

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??? 65% Off - Limited Time Offer ??? Save space on your computer by compressing your photos/images. With Compress All you can compress a set of photos/images quickly without complex processes. You can add your photos/images, change the compress factor on a simple slider, marked with min (minimum c...

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重庆彩票网Drawing manually using Xcode is tedious, if not hard. BezierCode is a full vector drawing application that will automatically translate your drawing into Objective C code. Its user friendly intuitive interface can help almost anyone to design beautiful UI elements. A must have tool for iOS/OSX devel...

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Icons is very important for a developer. This tools help developer to quickly resize icon to multiple size for iOS or Mac. Actually any developer can develop this simple app. But why waste time if others have done it for you? Features - Support all iPhone and iPad icon - Support all size of Mac Ap...

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有多少次你碰巧看衣服上的標簽,試著去了解它們的含義嗎? 并非總是如此,所有符號都清楚,有些是多個已知和確定的,而其他人不知道的意思,是無法破譯。 如果你不想冒險年底突然收縮,氈或變色的襯衫和毛衣,最好是看看。 照顧的衣服基本上是基于選擇適宜的洗滌和干燥。 如果你失敗的象征意義,你會發現自己的衣服不可逆的損壞。 的衣服上的標簽,在大多數情況下,5個符號。這些涉及到的洗滌說明,每件衣服和一般護理。 你會發現,你在這個順序的符號:洗滌,干洗,烘干,熨衣服,洴。 堅持始終堅持的指示,特別是如果你曾經嘗試過洗干凈并擦干,尤其是老板。經驗可能花費你付出沉重代價。 [ 特點 ] - 5分類:洗滌...

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轉換器是導致功能性的新思路應用。 計算比以往更快。 不只是一個轉換,但轉換有很多單位轉換總是在手的類別。 對于專業人士,學生也是一種有價值的工具來解決日常問題。 [ 特征 ] 轉換了25個單位分為6類。 同時轉換多個單位。 可能性擴大額外的10個類別,有60余臺。 專用鍵盤為每個類別。 復制并粘貼的結果。 直觀且易于使用。 [ 轉換 ] 選擇您感興趣的類別: ?面積(平方毫米,平方厘米,平方米,平方公里) ?加速(M /H2,英里/H2,FT /H2,公里/H2) ?圓(D,R,C,A) ?密度(克/立方厘米,克/升,公斤/立方米,磅/立方英尺,磅/立方英寸) ?頻率(Hz,千赫,兆赫...

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